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Latest News
We are still alive.
by Eli
2/19/2011 02:48PM (PST)

Holy crap. I mean. I can't believe I kept something alive for 3 years.


I gotta admit, I can't have done it alone, gotta thank my mods and admins, past and now... even the ones that eventually turned into total douches. So yeah, suck it to those who hate me. For I'm gonna keep this thing going for as long as I can. As long as people still come here. As long as artists still find they wanna post their videos here.


Elizabeth Sin

Furryplay Founder.

Ink Bunny.
by Eli
8/31/2010 08:25PM (PST)

Are you an artist? Tired of those boring outdated furry sites.. you know, the ones with the fat admins and the broken graphic layouts. Want more out of your artistic experience


Then Ink Bunny is the site for you!


Okay time to stop sounding like an ad and get serious. Visiting inkbunny and talking to sterling a bit, this site is an up and comer. Not only does is it an art host site, but it also does easy financial services, as well as make prints and ultra high res downloads. There are lots of updates in the future, and the site already is up to, if not surpassing par with the... lesser sites.. in it's alpha like format. So I see good things in it's future. And you might even get paid a bit for your uploads ;) I know, weird right.


Just tell Starling Aurali sent ya.


Well, that's everything on my front, still working on fox box updates and all that..

New Banner
by Eli
8/6/2010 02:09AM (PST)

Hey look, a new banner.

Ratte did this one too, so show her lots of love.

Disregard that.
by Eli
6/5/2010 02:44PM (PST)

Why so sad? I'm not going anywhere... not til someone pries this from my cold.. half living hands...


-The REAL Elizabeth Sin


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