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lego pole dancing

at the pole I watch a lot of fun while :-)

vanni dragon und legola

dancing with my friends vanni and Dragon :-) have fun

Wartesaal Music video for my hon

Original Music video is for Bosse: I made this video for my hon. I hope she likes it, so enjoy our lil lovely video. ^^

Faly and Foxys sexy dance

I should upload that vid for my honey, so enjoy her dance ^^ Music: The Hoosiers - Choices Glam as You Club Remix

St. Valentine's Day Animation

Yeah, it's one of those. Tendo the tanuki went through all the work of finding his lover a chocolate cake, but he forgot that the cu sidhe was a dog. Fortunately, she found something else to eat, so they're both happy. Flash version here:

Furry foxes dance Video - George Michael Jesus to a child

I was in a lil funny dance club and wished me something where i can dance to amd what is really romantic. so i wished me George Michael with Jesus to a child. here my dance video with my sweety ^^ enjoy ^^

Llama Drummer WIP

I am not done with this. It will be totally awesome when it's done but for now it's like ten seconds long and boring. This was a test animation to test my animator's sound syncronization. Just as I thought, it sucks. This is BEFORE the syncro, and I think it looks better. I plan on finishing this. I will add other furry musicians for guitar, bass, and so on and so forth but this video will remain in black and white and remain pretty much boring furries playing along to this song.

Belinda and Friends Opening

D'''''X I'M SORRY IF THE MUSIC IS ALL HIGH PITCHED AND A LITTLE FASTER THAN THE PICTURES AAAAAAAGGGHHH WHY CAN'T THERE BE A WAY TO DELETE VIDEOS OFF THIS PLACE AAAUUGGGGHHH!!!!! if you want to see a better version of this plus MANY MANY MANY more awesome videos from me, yer gonna wanna check meh out on YouTube! here's the link to my channel sorry for this 1/2 failure excuse for a 100% quality video: bye.

My First Anime (attempt) Video i've ever made

hi everyone! i'm new! one of my subscribers on YoutTube told me about this. this was my very, very, VERY first video i've made. however this is nothing more than a normal cartoon with fancy eyes and such. hope you enjoy anyways and later i'll be uploading more of my old videos, all the way up to to most newest video i've made! ok i'll shut up cuz i got 3 minutes till my laptop times out bye! P.S. this was not my idea. this was a video response to something on YoutTube (yeah i'm more of a youtuber. i'm gonna be talking about it a lot.) here's the link to the original:

Ani-ma-fa-cation (Test Animation)

Test Animation that turned out really nice. Animation & Art by ME! Music by David Newton My FA: David Newton's FA:

Lv. Up! Opening Peview

****Warning, there is sound! Turn down your speakers! Also give it a moment to load before hitting "Start"*** Professionally speaking, the opening of a cartoon or show should be the LAST thing you're supposed to make, but I say screw the rules!... Anyway, "Lv. Up!" is a series one of my friends and I were working on about 2 years back. In a nutshell, its a series with an original storyline while throwing in a several video game references (without calling out any official names). I agreed to make an animated version and he agreed to make a comic version. Over those 2+ years, we've got next to nowhere... A good amount of people have lent their voices for the first episode, including Malamite Ltd., Kirbtaro05, and NS-Games (all of them are on DA). I feel really bad making them wait so long to see their voices put to work. My current goal to completing the animation for the first episode is by the first day of spring. I hope I can make it. I do plan to make closing sequences for the series too. If you're curious what kind of songs I'm going to use look up "Mihimaru GT". :D Oh, and the song for this animation is a japanese song called "Climax Jump" by AAA. The song was originally used for a Power Ranges type show called "Kamen Rider"

The Food Cycle

A perennial favourite, though it's also a couple years old. Remember, kiddies, there's always a bigger fish!

Dragon Vore

One of my earliest animations, years old by now. Putting it on here for the sake of posterity before I upload the more recent stuff.

Fredryk Phox - Drug War, Alley March

Another found scene not in the final compiling of Drug War.

Fredryk Phox - Walk

Another recent clip recovered from the Drug War film Fredryk let me upload

Fredryk Phox - Drug War Leak

Asked to post this by Fredryk Phox a lot of clips to this were lost, so this is the remnance of the video itself. He has a new video in the works here

LipSync Test

Just as the title says.

Sonic Vs DarkSonic

Draw With me

It's about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass. By: Mike Inel Dedicated to my lovely girlfriend Doski Music: Cherish (Ai Otsuka) Download+Details: Note: That's the ending... And thank you everyone! I'm glad you guys like it!

Follow the leader

A few furries following the leader. Taken at Fur Fiesta 2009

It Can't Rain Forever

This is my University flash project. It's about Gwion and Taliesin having had a little argue but - you know how things go with relatives... little things can become huge and people might get all emo and stuff. And it's not nice to leave a little girl alone when it's raining.... INTRO VIDEO - no audio, alas... fuck you YouNaziTube. And a HUGE thank to twilightmaster twilightmaster for the awesome rain code he's given me ♥ thank you dude!! (Plus, there are 3 small easter eggs in the movie :P enjoy!)

Singing Little Fox

SInging fox

Misi's Mom

Very hot music video remake of "Stacie's Mom"

Lizardgirl Dance

Orangina Commercial

Orangina Commercial

Jaye Merry F-in Christmas

Funny, but late christmas music video

Super Sayan Colonel

Furry parody of Dragon Ball Z

So Much

Music video

Raiders of the Trash

Reanimator 2

Pyong Dance


Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me

Furry Stique RPG

I have no idea who the window guy is. Remember Stick RPG? It's like that! I was planning on ... making it better, but I didn't. (please don't notice the other easter egg)

Children of Exile

A little diddy I did a few years back of some rabbits. The titles are jibberish.

Onto Grasstown

Vince introduced me to cavestory music, and this is what instantly popped into my head. I know I could do better now, I even want to elaborate on the idea, but as of now I don't have the time. And I know the timing isn't right with the music but I tried as hard as I could XD

The Greedy Fox

Animated adaptation of the not-so-famous Aesop fable! Took ten days to make. Enjoy!

TFTG - Skunkchibald

And at long last it is complete! I've been workin' on this here Flash for quite some time, I have. Transformations are indeed fun to animate. Poooor Archie, hehehe. Male to female and such, yes yes.

MVE2 - The Art of Juggling

Final project for a class. Lots of mistakes, but had to turn in what we had ^^;

Foxy Tale

Oh, finally I achieved to finish one of these things ^^ I just needed for the right song :3 Tell me if you like it - laggy tweens are made on purpose, for it to look like a patchwork video ?D? Song is Lunar - wind's nocturne Art by me SPOILER: if you want to understand what happens, read here. In fact, the little foxy girl dies in the beginning for the cold, and the male foxy she finds is an angel... but him, before bringing her away with him decides to make her feel happy one last time.


Something I have been planning to do for a while now, finally ready. Dedicated to my girlfriend, whom I love the most. ♥

Sabra and Feng

An animation of my fursona offering a mouse to my mate Feng <33 - Nothing More, constant looping animation of the same thing.

Pirate Ship WIP 1

Meet Captain Sagisou.

Project Stormbringer scene 2 wip

sample work of my big project....I'm working on fixing the speed/text

Rael and Trajan dress up game

Rael the bunny and Trajan Puppers in a little flash dress up game. Its not very fancy but hey it was kinda fun

YMCA - Furry Style!

Featuring: Trajan "Puppers", Teldon, Miss Rael, and Patches!


Just a little flash animation I did before Christmas break. Enjoy. ^^ P.S. Sorry about the music loop thing.

Revenge at last!

My revenge upon my friend Eric, who always insists upon dressing me up and humiliating me and... blaaah... Anyway, just a short, simple looping Flash animation. I'm new with the program, I am.

sonic nazo unleashed let's dance

took an hour just to save this please do not post this video on another site Sonic as DJ #1 Shadow as DJ#2 ok i jsut got a complant about not being able to open it in a seprate window if that happens just download it ok? then leave a comment thank you message my yahoo if any more problems araise my messager is roku261 on yahoo here this may help with any problems and hopefuly all /media/videos/20080222/vdwcwewyfdxeuzqdfwdzqyvzbsyfwacs.wmv

Furcadia's Funky Furs

I made this back in 2002, so I'm sorry if anything in it is dated now. I haven't played Furcadia since 2002, so I have no idea what's new... this was created just after bunnies were added and Silversponsorships allowed everybody to change colors randomly while you were talking to them. The idea was to make a series of animations, but since the second part of Funky Furs caused every version of Flash I have to crash, and I was losing interest in Furcadia, it was abandoned. Not sure if anybody cares, but the screen shots I made from the second one show how great it looks (using all hand-drawn scenes) and it's probably part of the reason why Flash crashes cause they're not simple scenes...

Eevee - Let's Dance by 5ive

Good flash with Eevees and good music. Might cause Epilepsy, view at own risk

Leavin' The Con

Leavin' The Con" (Halfshell) Parody of Elvis Presley's "Fool" Written By: Carl Sigman and James Last New Lyrical Adaptation By: Halfshell Hero Copyright Intersong Music / Gladys Music Directed By: Halfshell Hero Video ? Foxfang Studios Recorded 7-6-06 ? Furshell Studious fur suit by Molly Margay:

Portia and Friend Model Test

Portia and a friend in a model test, dancing Motion capture only: tails, faces, hair and other jiggly parts are not animated Video: 700kbps DivX 5 Audio: 128kbps VBR MP3

Portia Does Pushups

Portia does pushups (or at least tries to!) Video: 700kbps DivX 5
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