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Children of Exile

Rated PG
Posted on 9/18/2008 10:43PM (PST) by shleepyhead
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Comments on this Video
Posted by:
34 comments posted
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Member since: 11/6/2009
7 out of 10
it was impressive
although i cant understand it i loved it, i dont even know why.

someone plz tell me the real meaning of the story
(i got the guy was poor and hungry, he was rubbin his stumich)
Posted by:
27 comments posted
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Member since: 8/17/2009
7 out of 10
meh seen better
it's pretty good, but it's short and most of it is hard to understand without watching it 3 times. still a great animation though
Posted by:
4 comments posted
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Member since: 10/14/2008
10 out of 10
I don't understand what they are saying, but that is a kickass vidio.
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