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Super Sayan Colonel

Rated G
Posted on 1/19/2009 05:51PM (PST) by McGee
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Comments on this Video
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13 comments posted
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4 out of 10
Wow, this is wierd but for this one time I have to agree with the trollman, Geschenk Strafe: it was niether a parody or successful imitation. Next time make it ridiciously satirical or make it redemble the original a bit more. Better luck in the future :)

P.S.: I still hate and disagree with you, Geschenk Strafe, on everthything else. >:P
Posted by:
8 comments posted
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Member since: 7/29/2009
10 out of 10
Great Job
Don't listen to geschenk asshat. It's a short little animation, and I really like it.
Posted by:
41 comments posted
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Member since: 5/28/2009
4 out of 10

Seriously, though, there isn't a single battle in the animated series that ends this quickly; a basic ki charge is usually at least a second, and physical attacks that don't either A) contain a 10 -hit-combo or B) knock the enemy into(and partially through) a piece of the environment are as rare as they are unimpressive.

A parody is supposed to EXAGGERATE something about the original work, or pervert it. This does neither.
Posted by:
1 comment posted
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Member since: 4/5/2009
8 out of 10
- -
Nice. For some reason, though, the background is shown as black when viewed on the website...

When viewing the swf file alone, it works fine...
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