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Sonic Vs DarkSonic

Rated PG
Posted on 4/15/2009 01:15AM (PST) by Roku170
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Comments on this Video
Posted by:
15 comments posted
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Member since: 1/7/2010
2 out of 10
sound was painful to listen to, and music was too repetitive.
Posted by:
8 comments posted
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Member since: 9/21/2009
4 out of 10
DBZ world meets sonic world....
interesting...but lacks good qaulity...i give it a 4 our of 10
Posted by:
41 comments posted
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Member since: 5/28/2009
4 out of 10
It was passable.
Shadow refused to featured in this, so they had to go get Dark Sonic of the Fancharacter Realm.

In all seriousness, it was quite choppy, but a lot better than what I can do with Windows Movie Maker right now; I gave you a 1 for fairly accurately depicting a DBZ style fight.
Posted by:
18 comments posted
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Member since: 3/16/2009
2 out of 10
Did not enjoy it. Period.
If this was someone's first video, then forgive me for saying this: It stunk.
There are plenty of better examples of Sonic sprite movies at . MUCH better.
Anyone who has seen Dark Sonic in action would know that he'd probably beat the crap out of regular Sonic.
that aside, The sprites used were so limited it was rather sad, Dark Sonic was really nothing more than a recolor of the regular Sonic used in this video, and the music REALLY did not fit the scene. ALso, they took too long in those charge-up scenes to actualy throw their attacks. During the time they took, the other Sonic could have swooped in, broke the concentration of the opposite with a few hits, thereby removing the threat of the attack being released. Also, there was no actual END to the video, they just kept fighting.

If this is someone's first video, the best I can say is that you have great potential for improvement. And if it isn't, then stop wasting your electricity making sprite movies.
Posted by:
25 comments posted
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Member since: 9/23/2007
3 out of 10
Works Fine for me. Did you install the proper Codec?
Posted by:
1 comment posted
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Member since: 4/18/2009
dont play
this video does not play
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