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Lv. Up! Opening Peview

Rated G
Posted on 1/23/2010 03:01PM (PST) by DT-Fox
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****Warning, there is sound! Turn down your speakers! Also give it a moment to load before hitting "Start"***

Professionally speaking, the opening of a cartoon or show should be the LAST thing you're supposed to make, but I say screw the rules!...

Anyway, "Lv. Up!" is a series one of my friends and I were working on about 2 years back. In a nutshell, its a series with an original storyline while throwing in a several video game references (without calling out any official names). I agreed to make an animated version and he agreed to make a comic version. Over those 2+ years, we've got next to nowhere...

A good amount of people have lent their voices for the first episode, including Malamite Ltd., Kirbtaro05, and NS-Games (all of them are on DA). I feel really bad making them wait so long to see their voices put to work.

My current goal to completing the animation for the first episode is by the first day of spring. I hope I can make it.

I do plan to make closing sequences for the series too. If you're curious what kind of songs I'm going to use look up "Mihimaru GT". :D

Oh, and the song for this animation is a japanese song called "Climax Jump" by AAA. The song was originally used for a Power Ranges type show called "Kamen Rider"
Lv. Up! (characters, animation) (c) DT-Fox, CJ-Fox
Climax Jump - AAA (c) *Their respected music company*
File Size: 211.46KB
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7.60 out of 10.00 (5 votes)
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Comments on this Video
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9 comments posted
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Member since: 10/9/2010
10 out of 10
unique i thought it would be pixelated through the whole thing although it would be nicer for some action besides running maybe translated lyrics on the bottom otherwise great job
Posted by:
34 comments posted
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Member since: 11/6/2009
7 out of 10
i thought i could actually insert a coin and started frantically looking for a hidden button!
Posted by:
5 comments posted
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Member since: 3/28/2010
9 out of 10
oooooooo kewlness! =/
Posted by:
41 comments posted
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Member since: 6/10/2009
7 out of 10
Good job.
Posted by:
25 comments posted
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Member since: 9/23/2007
5 out of 10
It's interesting.
Though I'd like more content next time <3 like I saw in some of your other videos.
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