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My First Anime (attempt) Video i've ever made

Rated G
Posted on 3/28/2010 05:58PM (PST) by Belinda&friends
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hi everyone! i'm new! one of my subscribers on YoutTube told me about this. this was my very, very, VERY first video i've made. however this is nothing more than a normal cartoon with fancy eyes and such. hope you enjoy anyways and later i'll be uploading more of my old videos, all the way up to to most newest video i've made! ok i'll shut up cuz i got 3 minutes till my laptop times out bye! P.S. this was not my idea. this was a video response to something on YoutTube (yeah i'm more of a youtuber. i'm gonna be talking about it a lot.) here's the link to the original:
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Time makes fools of us all.
Well besides you, because its amazing how far you came from this to your newest creations that are awesome. To anyone that hasn't seen this girls newest work you should. She made me a fursona avatar, and he looks kick ass. The characters in this video are(no offence just a comparison)crap compared to her newer characters. Not to say these are bad. Check out her youtube:
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If you have an idea, please see it through. An Animation should have about 10-35 frames a second to be smooth, and at the quality I am seeing, that shouldn't be too hard to do. Sound is decent, but emphasis should be made on the effects and losing the static in the sound would be nice.

Don't take this negatively if you can, it's constructive criticism.
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7 out of 10
It has something cute to it, but the voice for her was quite high x3;
Your work looks promising however
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