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Rated PG
Posted on 5/6/2008 05:54AM (PST) by Taliesin_the_dragoon
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Comments on this Video
Posted by:
22 comments posted
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Member since: 2/2/2010
10 out of 10
true story to me.
the same thing happend to my brother. he had a close friend, but when they were walking at night, she was hit my a car and died. we used to drive by the spot everyday, but we moved. the image of the marker came into my head. a cross covered in flowers given to her by the ones she loved. a bird was placed on the top. it looked nice but it wasn't. I'm depressed now. sweet depression.
Posted by:
41 comments posted
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Member since: 6/10/2009
10 out of 10
Beutiful, but sad.
It was a very nice video, though it was sad, I see a lot of work went into it.
Posted by:
27 comments posted
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Member since: 8/17/2009
10 out of 10
sad, isnt it
i think that someone you've lost, or for that matter many people, has just had a huge impact on your life, i watch your videos and theyre always able to make me cry.
i'm sorry for your losses but the past is gone and over with, no matter how much you wish it wasn't so. try and move on and not dwell in bad memories like this and things will only get better
Posted by:
18 comments posted
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Member since: 2/26/2009
10 out of 10
Done with emotion in it.
You must of loved this person. I can see the emotion in the video come to life through the character. I can see you worked hard on this one. I give you 10/10! good job and keep up the good stuff.
Posted by:
4 comments posted
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Member since: 10/14/2008
10 out of 10
Posted by:
25 comments posted
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Member since: 9/23/2007
10 out of 10
A video like this shows true emotion.
See title :3
Posted by:
1 comment posted
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Member since: 9/23/2007
9 out of 10
Simple, beautiful, sorrowful, and wonderful...
Maybe I'm just a sap, but this always makes me cry. This is the sort of video I made this website for, and I only hope that others like it will follow.

The story is simple and sweet, the music matches the mood wonderfully (though the words don't exactly), the animation is minimal but cute, and doesn't require much to explain.

The only changes would be to find a song who's lyrics match better, though the timing and mood might be hard to find, and to fix a couple weird graphical issues (mostly Flash's fault though).
Posted by:
1 comment posted
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Member since: 5/10/2008
9 out of 10
Made me think
I have loved many who have died and have grow use to it but this still made me sad.
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