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Onto Grasstown

Rated G
Posted on 8/6/2008 04:00PM (PST) by SethPup
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Comments on this Video
Posted by:
22 comments posted
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Member since: 2/2/2010
8 out of 10
like the music
doododo do di do dodidodidodi
Posted by:
41 comments posted
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Member since: 6/10/2009
5 out of 10
Meh, the song was the only real good part bout this, but the animation was too plain, but good job anyway, cus at least you can draw.
Posted by:
1 comment posted
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Member since: 9/19/2009
9 out of 10
Cave story freaking wins, thanks you for making this. :3

(previous poster is teh lame for thinking it was pokemon.)
Posted by:
27 comments posted
0 videos online
Member since: 8/17/2009
3 out of 10
what, the, hell.
uhh does anything even happen? it looks like the animation was a first time thing. but it also sounded like you used a friggin pokemon soundtrack.

way to fail.
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