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Website Operation
There are many parts of the site that just don't work properly. What's going on?

Unfortunately, this can be a number of problems. The website is tested thoroughly on modern browsers, in particular Firefox 2 and higher, Opera 9 and higher, and Internet Explorer 7. Backwards compatibility with IE6 is *NOT* guaranteed, but we do try to work around this browser's many flaws as well. Testing on Safari browsers, on the other hand, is marginal.


If you are using a modern browser and still having problems, there are a few things to try. First, try clearing your browser's cache, exit all instances of the browser, and restart it. On rare occasion, even with our cache busters, some javascript or CSS files may not redownload to all users. Next, perhaps you have javascript disabled or permissions set too high to permit it to run. This site *IS NOT* designed to run without Javascript. Join the 1990s and beyond -- enable Javascript. Lastly, you might have a security suite designed to "protect" you from malicious websites that may be interfering with how the website operates. Though there is absolutely nothing malicious on our website, these programs may find reasons to cause problems.


If you feel something still is not functioning as you would like, please use the "Website Glitch Report" under "Contact Us" and let us know what is going on so we can take a look!

I can not log in! No matter how many times I put in my user name and password, it keeps saying my user name and password do not match. What is wrong?

For your security, the password verification routine does NOT pass your actual password to our back end. Instead, it generates a key code based on the password you type in and your IP address. If you are using an IP address scrambler or an internet security suite that does this, you will need to turn it off to log in to the site. After logging in, you may turn it on again.


Javascript must be enabled to allow logging in as well, since the encryption routine relies on a scripting language to enable it, hence the need for Javascript.


Also, be certain that you are using the correct capitalizations in your password, since your password is case-sensitive.

I checked my email and can't find my registration email, where is it?

In the advances to protect you from spam, some spam companies (AOL, Google to be big ones) like to reject legitimate email, and ours falls under a few sites filters. (We do not service AOL usernames, as they have threatened to shut us down for our registration emails.)  If you can't find it, (GMAIL USERS READ THIS PART) please check your spam mail folder and make sure our email address is on your whitelist.

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